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Morgan Township Trustee

Porter County Indiana 

Photo By: Wendy King


Morgan Township, located in Porter County, Indiana, is one of 12 townships in the county. Morgan Township contains one school inside the township- Morgan Township Elementary/Middle/High School. 

Population in the township in 2018 was 3,784 and it continues to rise with new housing in the area.
The Morgan Township Trustee’s Office consists of the Township Trustee and an Advisory Board of 3 community members. All of these positions are elected positions. 

The current Township Trustee is Rodney King. He was first elected in 2015 and has been re-elected  since that time. The Advisory Board consists of Jeff Schultz , Lee Kleist, and Andrew Blastick. Lisa Herma serves as the clerk for the township.


The Township Trustee pays all expenses that arise from caring for the township such as lawn care maintenance of the township cemeteries, to the fire department contract, to township assistance requests , and salaries.  The Township follows all financial guidelines set forth from the State Board of Accounts.  Annually the board approves a budget which is then approved by the state. 


Board Members

Andrew Blastick

Lee Kleist

Jeff Schultz

Contact Information 

Trustee: Rodney King 

Phone:  219-733-2415


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